Sickle Cell Solubility Kit, 100 determinations

Our FDA-approved Sickle Cell Solubility Kit is a rapid and reliable way to qualitatively detect the hereditary presence of Sickle Cell disease in human blood samples.

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When a Buffer and Powder mixture is sufficiently combined with blood samples, abnormally shaped hemoglobin cells are broken apart.  If the solution turns cloudy within 10 minutes, a positive result for Sickle Cell disease is indicated.  This may be useful in considering whether or not further diagnostic procedures are needed as Sickle Cell has the capacity to cause many other medical complications both manageable and life-threatening.

The 100 Kit is complete with the following components:

  • Two bottles containing 100mL of Buffer
  • Two vials containing 3.0g of Powder
  • Two pour caps for the Buffer bottles
  • One line scale
  • A directional insert